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Amy_Starr_AllenAmy Starr Allen is a single mom, and she is a fine example of the emerging class of mompreneurs; stay-at-home mothers achieving financial success while raising wonderful children. Amy is passionate about helping to make it possible for mothers to stay with their children and still be bread-winners.

Amy is the founder of Moms Empowering Moms, an organization that she created as a resource for mothers to support and empower each other to become leaders within their families, communities, businesses, and lives.

Amy is also an author, a business trainer and coach, a singer-songwriter, and the owner of a successful Network Marketing business. She is committed to helping people create financial freedom and time freedom (more time with their families) in their lives through the power of residual income.

Amy believes that moms are better role models when they’re pursuing something they’re passionate about and teaching their children that they can be their own boss. Her foundation is based on the idea that you can be a great mother and still make a difference in other people’s lives.

Growing up as a gymnast, Amy has been passionate about fitness since she was a young child, and finds her purpose in making a difference for people in regards to self-esteem, awareness, and well-being. She has always encompassed the entrepreneurial spirit and holds several professional certifications. She has worked in real estate, she is a certified personal trainer with a background in health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness, and she has a specialty certification in pre & post-natal fitness. Much of her work has been devoted to helping women during their childbearing years before, during, and after pregnancy to obtain and maintain optimal health and fitness. She is also a labor and postpartum doula and has worked to support women in their transitions to motherhood by providing emotional, physical, informational, and practical support. She is a member of the Colorado Doulas Association and the Holistic Moms Network.

Amy makes her home in Boulder, Colorado with her 2 daughters, Olivia and Ava.

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