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susanne navasI received your book, MLM for Mom, today and as soon as we were all in PJ’s my kids, husband & I snuggled up for a pre-bedtime read (we each read our own book). I couldn’t stop reading the book, much to my kids’ joy (they got to stay up later than usual because of it), and I finished it in one sitting!

I highly recommend your book to anyone contemplating getting into Network Marketing, or who is already doing it and needs a little extra motivation. I have been involved in MLM for about 6 months now, in addition to my work as a photographer, triathlon coach, motivational coach and mother of two. I know first hand how it feels to be pulled in all different directions – and yet my Network Marketing business has easily woven itself into my day. Some days, or even weeks, I don’t engage in it at all and yet the checks still keep coming – I do love residual income!

Amy, you have painted an accurate picture of the many benefits of Network Marketing especially in relation to parenting, since it is probably the only realistic way a person can earn a healthy (or enormous) salary without neglecting those we hold dearest. As you state, we can create our own schedules, we can involve our kids in the business, and we are teaching them something that to me is a particularly valuable lesson especially when we talk to the kids about peer pressure – the lesson that following herd mentality is usually not the best way. Most people work a more traditional career path, either because of ignorance (they haven’t been lucky enough to be shown the potential in Network Marketing), or because of fear (there is a certain sense of comfort in following the herd).

I hope that your book finds its way into the hands of many moms, future moms, single parents, husbands of moms, and so on. Oh, and thanks for packing all this information into a book that can be read in one evening – even a busy mom can read this!

~ Susanne Navas



Sherine_Singleton Just finished reading the book “MLM For MOM by Amy Starr Allen.

Amy takes us on a tour into the basics of the Network Marketing industry and how it has positively impacted her life, as well as, the other women who have been involved with the industry. The overall focus of this book is to highlight how a stay-at-home mom can have a successful career and be a desirable role model to her children – a mother.

Amy writes about how her career in the industry has improved her finances, provided her flexibility and encouraged her personal growth. She also has a few contributing writers who share their experience with their MLM careers. Cindy Lapp and Ali Alvarez were the most impactful. Of course, all of the writers shared many points that any woman or mother can find easy to relate to.

Having read this book, I feel that my career in the Network Marketing industry has a new spark. It has reminded me why I was so attracted to the business model and why I continue to have a desire to pursue it. I highly recommend that any woman or mother that is considering a career in Network Marketing read this book and hear from successful women that have made it work for them!

~ Sherine Singleton

Westminster, Colorado


I received my copy of MLM for MOM today. I opened it up & put it down. I left for town with my husband to take care of some business & returned a few hours later. He went directly to his computer to play poker & I picked up your book. I read the entire thing & I have to say, I loved it.

Everything you wrote about I’ve been either through, going through or afraid to go through. As a grandmother at this point, I’m past that raising kids stage & on to another. I’m more like the lady in chapter 11 Cindy Lapp, a grandmother of a 14 month old who’s parents both work only because they can depend on grandma to take the baby so she doesnt’ have to go to daycare.

The quote at the end really put a tear in my eye under the Never Miss A Beat: When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts. ~Robert Brault. I have to say that I had the privilege to see my grandaughter take her first 9 steps while her mom & dad were at work. That in itself is the reason for MLM’s & moms.

Thanks again for your book!

~ Teri Collins

Red Bluff, Ca.


Just finished reading MLM for MOM let me be open about the fact that I know Amy Starr Allen, Cindy Lapp and have met and chatted with Ali Alvarez. These are all incredible women that ANYONE would do well to emulate.

FOR MEN: I have to admit I struggled at first. I took some time to contemplate why. Then I realized that I was reading this from the wrong viewpoint. My viewpoint was as a man who respects women, a single divorced father who is on great terms with his ex (I met her boyfriend recently and acknowledge he is a great guy for her) and a successful entrepreneur with 2 thriving businesses. I am not who this book was written for. I then thought about the following 2 truths:

First: Unfortunately our corporate climate and general Neanderthal behavior by some men have created the scenario in which women are disempowered and devalued. Therefore this book is not only timely but necessary.

Second: An empowered woman is a being of rare beauty, not someone to fear. We acknowledge the grace and beauty of a Phil Mickelson shot through the junk, over more junk and onto the green. That is because he is standing in his own power and his shot was just one example of that power. An empowered woman is doing no less, nor should we expect her to do less. Appreciate her for who she is. Support and stand by her in her endeavors like we have asked women to do for us. Then be amazed at what she can accomplish. You may find that you have a true partner on this journey of life. Then you will be the lucky one!

Now men if you will read this book keeping those truisms in mind, you will find that there is a tremendous amount of inspiring information in the book that relates to anyone in the Network Marketing Industry. Don’t be fooled by its brevity, this book is packed with useful knowledge and topical quotes – I took 4 pages of notes. Overall the book is well done and worthy of the time investment for ANYONE.

~Rob DeSormier

Broomfield, Colorado




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